Dec 14, 2017
Niki Cheng
Shaokao Cheng

On Wednesday, December 13th, Niki & Shaokao of Calligaris NY hosted their biggest event of the year: their Annual Holiday Party. Close friends and family were invited to celebrate what has been, a busy year. Co-hosted by Monsieur Brunold; a high-end men’s shop offering bespoke suits, shirts & topcoats; Ida Liu a wealth expert who leads the Ultra High Net Worth banking teams of Citi in New York City and Long Island, and Nana Lee, the director of Lie Sangbong and Blank Space. A suit raffled by the generous Monsieur Brunold towards the end of the evening drew much attention. While the music was loud and the laughs were high, it was time to say goodbye to another great holiday party.